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Who Are We?

Logistical Experts

Willtrans Ltd is a light haulage company that predominantly runs vehicles up to 3.5 tonne in gross weight. We offer transportation by trailers for your more abnormal heavier items. Having access to artic lorries also, we can offer completive rates for your bulkier loads.

Willtrans Ltd is based in Boston Lincolnshire, set up in 2007 showing we have a great deal of experience in transporting goods. Our company’s main end of business is high security assets and documents as we have many years of experience transporting in this area. We are fully insured and security cleared for collecting and delivering high security assets and documents.

Willtrans offer a wide range of services to best suit your needs, being regular transport runs, same-day delivery, next day delivery or over night delivery, Willtrans can best accommodate to your delivery needs.

Tailored Light Haulage & Courier Plans For Your Business

What sets us apart from the competition?

We offer various services to match your requirements best, including frequent transport runs, same-day delivery, next-day delivery, and overnight delivery.

  • Whether your loads contain various sizes, sharp edges, or strict security needs, our vehicles are up to the task.
  • We have extensive experience in this field of transportation and are well-versed in the safety and security standards for carrying these goods.
  • As a result of our Section 5 licensure, we have substantial knowledge and experience dealing with Section 5 assets. Our vans are completely equipped to transfer Section 5 assets for your convenience.

We have a contemporary, well-maintained fleet of vehicles ranging in gross weight from 3.5. Willtrans provides trailer transportation for larger items. We have access to arctic lories for heavier loads and offer the cheapest rates on the market.

13+ Years Experience

Economical & Secure Transportation

Suitable For Perishable Products

Temperature logging technology is installed in our refrigerated fleet to ensure your products are carried at the correct temperature.

Professional Haulage Firm

Our highly experienced and trained team can accelerate the transport of loads in a professional, dependable, and friendly manner, and we place a high priority on our customers' pleasure at all times.

No Hidden Costs

Prior to delivering any written quotation, we will discuss your requirements in detail to ensure that we understand exactly what you expect and give the best value and most comprehensive solution for your needs.

Light Haulage - Delivery Men

Trade Plates Trailer for Car Transportation

Willtrans also transports vehicles using trade plates or trailers. Our trade plates enable us to collect and transport vehicles by road, ensuring that you and your vehicle have a safe journey.
Our trailers enable us to transport vehicles that are incapable or unable to be driven due to circumstances or requirements.

We use the proper equipment and have experience in car transfer by trailer to assure safe and secure delivery of your vehicle. We also offer roadside recovery services, which are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We prioritise the safety of your passengers and broken down cars for vehicles up to 2.5 tonnes.

Trustworthy, Reliable Logistic Support

Same-day delivery

Outstanding value for money

Around the clock customer service

Services that are quick, safe, and secure

Professional and dedicated staff

Deliveries on a local, national, and worldwide scale

Flexibility to fulfil your needs

Over 13 years of business experience

Five-Star Feedback
Delivered On Time

What Do We Do?

Our Services


We can arrange automobile transportation to and from Boston, as well as any other destination. . Our professionals will always meet your expectations, whether it is for independent auto transportation or business needs.

Section 5 License

Being a Licensed Section 5 Firearms Carrier allows us to also deal with component parts and prohibited ammunition. Regardless of the items we are transporting, this is completed with great safety and all items are secure. 

Haulage Services

You can count on a high-quality service from Willtrans Ltd for any precious goods or big items that need transporting.  Our large fleet & experience drivers will meet your logistics requirement.